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If you are a foodie, you might want to read this. Ljubljana will see its first edition of the November Gourmet Ljubljana food and wine festival, going on for the whole of that month. Let me offer some tips on what to expect.

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When it comes to good food, great things have been happening to us Slovenians in the recent years. We have not just been totally awed by the global successes of our sports men and women but also by our top chefs. Not just the World's Best Female Chef 2017, Ana Roš of Hiša Franko (situated not too far from Ljubljana), but a whole new generation of chefs is making this a very interesting time and place for foodies.

Many new restaurants and other food outlets have opened in Ljubljana, some in quite unexpected places, like for instance a former watchmaker's shop. So it's about time Ljubljana got a proper culinary festival.

Traditional dishes are back

Who would have thought that dishes my grandma used to cook (like for instance the Ljubljana Lunch: beef soup, sautéed potatoes and meat first cooked in the soup), will make a massive comeback to the menus of our restaurants? It's a nice surprise really. Ten years ago mainly just old school traditional "gostilnas" still offered this kind of food.

Nowadays local favorites like carniolan sausage, potica or štruklji have again become an ispiration for the high profile chefs. Well, it has to be said some of those dishes are not simple to make at all. It's true every true Slovenian housewife used to have her own approach to potica, but making a perfect filling and rolling that dough are indeed two very impressive skills.

This is our culinary identity, represented by the Taste Ljubljana brand and you should get a taste of it.

November Gourmet Ljubljana

November Gourmet Ljubljana festival will definitely offer you a chance to do that. It will bring out the best of both worlds, the traditional and the one of modern culinary fusion. It has incorporated two traditional events, Ljubljana Wine Route and Ljubljana Wine and Culinary Festival, both marking the culinary Autumn season, when at St. Martin's Day, according to Slovenian tradition, grape must officially turns to wine. On the modern side, it will include everyone that matters in Ljubljana.

Selected restaurants will be offering special November Gourmet menus. Cooking and educational workshops for adults and children will be taking place all the time. The festival also includes a contest for a new taste of Ljubljana, which will be chosen from the recipes provided by locals.

Culinary tours of the city will be offered at the promotional festival prices. My favorite, the Ljubljana Beer Experience, including not just our Union beer (brewed since 1864) but also the best of the thriving craft beer scene, is probably the one not to be missed.

An attractive final event will try to wrap everything up and give a taste of the best Ljubljana has to offer with top local chefs showcasing their skills.

So, If you are a foodie, November might just be the best time of the year for you to visit our city.

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