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Yes, burger-mania has hit Ljubljana too. These burgers are not a fast food meal but a fine gourmet dish made from the finest ingredients. If you are craving perfect patties with even better sauces and toppings, check out my list of best burgers you can find in Ljubljana.

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Pop’s Place

With almost 1000 TripAdvisor reviews and the terrace, that is full at any time of a day, Pop’s Place owns the burger scene in Ljubljana. Here you will find perfectly made burgers with homemade, soft brioche buns, heavenly patties with 180g of beef, and toppings as you like them.

The convenient location next to Triple Bridge is a plus, and so is the long list of craft beers it has to offer. I'm sure you'll be coming back for more.

Hood Burger

An undeniably hip burger spot with three different locations—you can find one in the heart of Ljubljana, two minutes away from the Prešeren Square.

All ingredients are fresh and Slovenian, and the result is the best possible burger with a delightful and soft bun, a perfectly prepared (medium) patty and crisp veggies. This restaurant will knock you over with its hood sauce or with its special burgers, such as the one with Brie cheese.
Pro tip: their crispy fries are a must.

When the sun is shining, grab a table outside, or go inside the cool restaurant with a bus station interior when the weather is bad.

Lars & Sven

Lots of tasty options mean there is something for everyone. There are also two locations to choose from— both next to huge supermarkets. Both are more like a burger joint, not a restaurant, so there is definitely a "fast food" feeling, but the taste will convince you to take a bus and ride there for a perfect bite.

Its latest menu star is the Blackadder burger with a black bun, a gorgeous black Angus meat patty, and bacon.

Hint: This burger joint offers a free side of fries until 4 PM on weekdays when you order a burger and drink.

Dežela Okusov

Definitely not a typical burger joint. The restaurant is close to Križanke, which offers various foods from all over the world. The menu has a lot to offer, and it is focused on pure and honest ingredients, sourced locally when possible.

This restaurant’s star is the Deželni burger with a homemade bun, Slovenian meat, perfect sauce, and crispy fries on the side, but its specialty is its flat burgers. A classic choice is an Angus one, but there is also the Norwegian with salmon or a Greek one with pork slices and feta cheese.

The restaurant is especially beloved by families since the interior is warm and it has a pleasant terrace in the summer time.

There is a fierce debate over where to go for the best burger in Ljubljana, so let me help you decide with this list of some of the best burgers in the city. I've listed only a few. There are also some regular restaurants that offer kick-ass burgers, so if you are looking for more, check these places out: Kavarna Tiskarna (extremely hip), Kralj Žara (BBQ heaven), Organic Garden (vegan), Tokyo Piknik (Japanese), and Tabay Brothers (sous vide gourmet).

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