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Ljubljana’s wine scene is something to write home about. You already know Slovenia is a home of many wine regions and wine varieties and luckily, they all come together in many wine bars and wine themed events that will spice up your Ljubljana visit. I welcome you to sit back and relax with a nice glass of “vino”, just like the locals do.

dvornibar naslovna

Dvorni bar

A classic stop for many, just a couple of steps away from the Congress Square and with a beautiful view of the Castle. The steps in front of the bar are hugely popular during warm summer months, where you can enjoy a glass or two with yummy tapas. May I recommend the Spanish cheese platter?


A hint of Goriška Brda in Ljubljana! This special place is actually owned by Movia winery from Primorska region and it’s a remarkable wine bar and wine shop. The dim (and may I add romantic) ambience makes everything seem like you’re in a wine cellar surrounded by numerous bottles of wine.

Wine bar Šuklje

Located right by the river, Wine bar Šuklje has a stunning interior with a hefty assortment of Slovenian and foreign wines. They are really popular during December festivities too; their mulled wine is one of the best according to the locals. Their fun speciality is also pairing wine with music. Just let the knowledgeable waiter know your current music mood and he’ll find the perfect wine choice for you.


A bit further away from the city centre, on Šmartinska street, very close to BTC shopping centre, eVino is a modernly designed bar, restaurant and wine shop (online as well). They’re well known after their own brand of wine called Gašper, named after the bar owner. Search for cute fish illustrations on the label and have a glass as they’re quite affordable too.

Taste Slovenian wines on a wine tour or at the Ljubljana Wine Route

If sitting around in bars isn’t your thing, you can make wine tasting a bit more active. Book the Ljubljana Wine Experience tour and learn some cool facts whilst enjoying wine from three Slovenian wine regions (that’s nine wine varieties, but don’t worry, tasty snacks are included, so you don’t get too hazy).

Furthermore, there are is another wine themed event happening twice a year, the Ljubljana Wine Route. In June and November Stritarjeva street becomes a giant wine-pouring, glass-clinking promenade of winemakers and wine lovers. The idea is simple: you rent a wine glass, buy some coupons and then simply wander from stall to stall. I would say try them all, but I’m afraid that’s physically not possible.

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