Gostišče Pri Čebelici

The restaurant of the Pri Čebelici guest house serves traditional Slovenian cuisine. Its specialities include various honey-based dishes and drinks such as mead, honey liqueurs, and soft drinks made with honey. The guest house's surrounding area, crossed by several hiking routes and a nature trail, offers ample opportunities for scenic walking and cycling trips.

Room amenities: bathroom, telephone, TV, radio, balcony.

Other amenities: sun terrace with sunloungers, children's play facilities, bicycle hire, motorcycle parking garage.

Menu choice: Slovenian dishes, Mediterranean dishes, Balkan dishes, seafood, seasonal dishes, game dishes, pizzas, vegetarian dishes, grilled dishes, breakfasts,mid-morning meals, lunchtime menus, desserts, varietal Slovenian wines.

Additional amenities: outdoor seating, children's play facilities, baby changing facilities, high chairs, wireless internet, live music, takeaway service, organization of gala and corporate dinners.

Opening hours

Mondays to Fridays 8:00-22:00, Saturdays, Sundays and and public holidays 9:00-22:00.

Location details

To access the Slovenian Beekeeping Centre, follow the A1 motorway in the direction of Maribor and take the exit to Lukovica, located a 15-minute drive from Ljubljana.


Langugages of communication: Slovenian, English, German, Italian.

It is recommended that you book your table in advance.
The restaurant is accessible to disabled and mobility impaired people.
A room for private gatherings or parties can be arranged for groups.

Brdo pri Lukovici 8 1225 Lukovica

Phone: +386 (0) 1 729 61 13
Website: Gostišče Pri Čebelici

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