Ljubljana is a wonderful city any day of the year, but in December it takes on an especially magical guise, radiant with festive lights woven into surprising forms that always enchant both residents and visitors. At this time the city squares, streets, bridges and embankments come alive in a truly special atmosphere you just can’t miss. Come join us from 1 December 2023 to 15 January 2024.

Christmas decorations focus on Us and Them Because "They are Us"

This New Year’s image of Ljubljana reminds us that while we are natives today, we might already be refugees tomorrow. Today we are Earthlings and in a few years we might also be Martians. We used to be simple single-cell organisms, while today we are complex (mostly) intelligent organisms.

D. Wedam

The project consists of approximately 850 sculptures and characters. Some elements and assemblages are new, and a large part of the sculptures, which are the work of the late author Zmago Modic, are original, but reconceptualized by his son Urban Modic.

main photo Darko Pavlovic Luna TBWA 18
© Darko Pavlovič/ Luna TBWA

The Map with the Meaning Behind the Christmas Light Installations


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