Ljubljana is a wonderful city any day of the year, but in December it takes on an especially magical guise, radiant with festive lights woven into surprising forms that always enchant both residents and visitors. At this time the city squares, streets, bridges and embankments come alive in a truly special atmosphere you just can’t miss. Come join us from 26 November 2021 to 16 January 2022.

New Year’s decoration “Omnipotence – Power of All”

The festive lighting changes Ljubljana into a fairy-tale land. This year’s decorative lighting illustrates mutual connection, and under the slogan “Vsemoč – moč vseh” (Omnipotence – Power of All) it symbolises the old Slovenian saying “Power lies in harmony!”. The project, created by Urban Modic, focuses on the significance of individual elements of the universe, life and the community, which when connected create fantastic systems.

Each tiny part is important, and the community is “omnipotent”. Once again we find ourselves in a period when connection, mutual understanding and help are especially vital. The current project of decorating Ljubljana focuses on the extraordinary power of the group and coexistence, on the significance of individual elements of the universe, life and living communities, which create fantastic and complex systems.

The basic building blocks of the decoration, which are the work of the late Zmago Modic, remain the same as in previous years, but will be supplemented and arranged in street and urban arrays in a different way from last year and previous years, and will be connected into new sets of meaning.

The project comprises approximately 850 sculptures and figures!

© Janez Zalaznik

Main novelties for the full festive atmosphere

Don’t miss the main new features such as the amazing three-sided pyramid with light structures in Prešeren Square, the trees linked up with a long chain of lighting along the River Ljubljanica embankments and the newly decorated street connection from Vodnik Square and Prekmurski Park towards the renovated Cukrarna (former sugar refinery).

New elements this year:

  • An inverted three-sided pyramid with light and reflecting structures in Prešeren Square.
  • The long chain of lights that will connect the trees along the Ljubljanica embankments. A metaphor for the connection of us all, nature and the universe.
  • The decorated street connection from Vodnik Square towards Cukrarna.
  • The design additions to the original sculptures of Zmago Modic.

Traditional decorations on display this year too

Don’t miss the traditional decorations that for years now have created the festive image of the city. The warm glow of the lights will accompany you by the City Hall and along the Jakopič Promenade. On Slovenska Street, look up to the sky and the famous meteorite shower, and in Zvezda Park you can admire the lantern decorations made by Ljubljana primary school children under the mentorship of Andrej Erjavec.

okrasitev Slovenske ceste
© Dunja Wedam

Festive spruces and “Green Trees”

In addition to a chain of lights 50 kilometres long, Ljubljana will be decorated with ten spruce trees and 79 “Green Trees” on Wolfova, Čopova, Stritarjeva and Trubarjeva streets; these are Christmas trees that will be returned to nature after the holidays.

Help in decorating the little “Green Trees” forest on Wolfova Street will come from pupils of Ljubljana primary schools, and Turizem Ljubljana invites residents and visitors of the city to decorate the little forests on Stritarjeva and Čopova streets and to become part of the story of festive Ljubljana. We would also ask you not to buy new ornaments, but to bring ones you already have at home.