Dante’s 700 and film music of Nicola Piovani

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The famous Italian film score composer and conductor Nicola Piovani will present the piece he composed to mark the 700th anniversary of the death of the poet Dante Alighieri.

Event is part of the festival Ljubljana Festival

Nicola Piovani has created music for more than 150 films, including the last three films by the great director Federico Fellini (Ginger and Fred, 1986, Intervista 1987 and The Voice of the Moon, 1990) and Roberto Benigni’s classic La vita è bella (Life Is Beautiful), for which he won the 1999 Academy Award for Original Dramatic Score.

At the festival, he will present a cantata to mark the 700th anniversary of the death of one of Italy’s most important poets, Dante Alighieri. Nicola Piovani tried to capture a splinter of that light that continues to illuminate the mind of the reader of Dante’s immortal lines in the third millennium.

Conductor: Nicola Piovani

Soloist: Annamaria Dell'Oste


  • N. Piovani: Suite Taviani
  • Fiorile (Flowering)
  • Il sole anche di notte (Sun at Night)
  • La notte di San Lorenzo (Night of the St. Laurence)
  • Good Morning Babilonia (Good Morning Babylonia)
  • N. Piovani: Ballata from La Vita nuova
  • N. Piovani: Suite from original movie soundtrack La vita è bella
  • N. Piovani: Suite Fellini
  • Intervista (Interview)
  • La voce della luna (The voice of the Moon)
  • Ginger & Fred

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