Hana Stupica: Exhibition of Illustrations

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One of the youngest winners of the Hinko Smrekar Award, Hana Stupica, says that she has been drawing all her life, and her illustrator work began spontaneously.

She claims that her illustrative mission is not oriented only by the painting tradition, but also by her wish to master the corresponding craft; its success is also ensured by its involvement in modern visual and especially electronic media. There is no room for anything random in her works, as everything from the basic idea to the final image is subject to precise execution, in which her masterfully honed drawing certainly stands out.

Get to know the mastery of Hana Stupica at the exhibition Illustrations, which will be on display in the Pentagonal Tower of Ljubljana Castle until 11 September. The curator of the exhibition is Iztok Premrov.


Free admission

More information is available on the organizer's website

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