Lolita, musical

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St Petersburg’s LDM Novaya Stsena theatre returns to Slovenia with a brilliant masterpiece of sensuality, fateful love, and eroticism.

Event is part of the festival Ljubljana Festival

Lolita is a known novel by Vladimir Nabokov about a perverse and tragic romance between a middle-aged man and his juvenile stepdaughter. The only thing that musical and Nabokov's novel have in common is the destructive love that can ruin us and lead to darkness and horror.

The story of the musical is set in the last few days of Russia's golden age, before the outbreak of the revolution. Therefore Lolita is a symbol of purity, a forbidden fruit, a promised paradise with a vault of hellfire rising above it. It is a frightening love that leads to death.

Author and producer: Irina Afanasyeva
Music, arrangements and sound: Anton Tanonov
Director: Irina Zyuzina
Choreographic concept: Anastasia Melnikova
Choreographer: Svyatoskav Melynikov
Set design and costume design: Irina Afanasyeva
Set design: Sofia Tyuremnova


  • Lolita: Evdokia Malevskaya
  • Oswald Rayner (Humbert): Denis Kiriakov
  • Lolita’s mother Ann: Natalia Faerman
  • The soul of Lolita: Darya Chesnokova
  • Gregory: Vsevolod Makarov
  • Young Gregory: Anton Avdeyev
  • Madam Ju-Ju: Margarita Kolganova
  • Felix: Nikolai Soldatkin
  • Demon: Sergei Hudyakov


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