Čokoljana - chocolate fair

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Čokoljana, a chocolate fair set to take place at Ljubljana's Central Market, will be offering products from large and renowned chocolate producers as well as those from boutique chocolate manufacturers and cake shops.

Among the chocolate items on sale will be cocoa chocolate tablets from different parts of the world, pralines with different fillings (pumpkin oil, olive oil, piranha salt, lavender, mandarin, rosemary, wine varieties, honey, home-made liqueur) and exotic flavors (mango, saffron, chilli, curry ). Chocolate products with ecological certificates, fresh and vegan sweets and products from the Fair Trade system will also be available.

The specialties you will be able try at the Čokoljana fair will include chocolate wines, chocolate beers and chocolate cosmetics produced in Slovenia.


Free admission

For more information, please visit the Čokoljana fair's official website.