Plečnik and the Sacred. Jože Plečnik, Slovenian architect and designer

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Jože Plečnik was not just a master of monumental architecture; he was also an exceptional designer of sacred objects. After an exceptional response from visitors at Vatican Museums, the exhibition with 33 selected objects of the Plečnik liturgical vessels will be exclusively presented also at the City Museum of Ljubljana.

On the basis of original written records, sketches and correspondences, as well as completed projects at home and abroad, the Plečnik and the Sacred exhibition will strive to present Plečnik's idea of what is sacred. 

Plečnik's concept of "sacred" is not only linked with his religious beliefs, as it also encompasses ideas of morality, rectitude, righteousness and, after all, architecture itself.

Special attention must also be given to Plečnik's perception of faith as a personal matter, the nature of his Christianity, which often came close to the spirit of early Christian communities, and to his relationship towards institutionalised religion.

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