Serbian Modernism 1880−1950

The Gallery of Matica srpska Collection, Novi Sad

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The Gallery of Matica Srpska in Novi Sad is a national gallery with a long and complex history, that inherits one of the richest collections of Serbian art of the modern period.

Every art collection is a looking glass that reflects the values of communities and individuals, of the World and the homestead; therefore the works of art selected from the rich collection of the Gallery of Matica Srpska represent the mirror of the Serbian Modernism. Within the ramification of European culture, Serbian Modernism occupies a deserved place, since it had followed immediately the most recent phenomena within European Modernism and thus reflects Serbian culture in the light of European culture.

To make your stay at the Gallery pleasant and safe, you are politely asked to follow the guidelines below.

  • Only enter if you do not show signs of respiratory illnesses.
  • Follow cough and sneeze etiquette and disinfect your hands upon entering the Gallery.
  • Wear personal protective mask in all rooms and halls of the Gallery.
  • Keep at least 2 metres away from the nearest person.
  • Entry into exhibition halls is allowed only to individuals, families and smaller groups (less than 6 people).
  • The number of visitors that can be in the Gallery at the same time is limited, as is the number of people in a particular exhibition hall. Entry will be regulated if too many people come at the same time. Please, follow the instructions of the gallery attendants.
  • We recommend non-cash payments.
  • Browsing through publications in the Gallery Shop is not allowed.
  • The Documentation Department and the Library are currently still closed for visitors.