Summer in roses

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The rose is a flower of hundreds of species and thousands of varieties, which always fascinates with the shape of their bloom or their delicate scent. From June to late autumn, you can admire over 1000 varieties of roses blooming in the upper and lower rose garden.

The collection of roses in the Arboretum covers both historical roses and modern disease-resistant varieties. You can also view the wild and semi-wild roses, a group of old historic roses, large rose shrubs, a collection of beach rose varieties (Rosa rugosa) and some climbing roses. The most numerous is the group of floribunda roses, followed by the most majestic garden roses of all, the hybrid tea roses and grandiflora roses.

The speciality of the rose collection is the rose varieties created in Central and Eastern Europe. They can be found in such numbers (and in one place) only at Arboretum Volčji Potok.

If you visit the Arboretum in late May or in early June, you can admire the full and highly fragrant historic roses. The majority of them doesn’t repeat bloom in the same year. The wild roses are bound to enchant you with their simplicity and the floribundas will be a sure hit throughout the summer.

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