Triglav The Rock Ljubljana

International bouldering competition

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  • This event has expired
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    2 Sep 2023
    Novi trg, Ljubljana

Triglav The Rock Ljubljana international competition taking place in the historic city centre of Ljubljana, will feature some of the best sport climbers from around the world.

The morning, recreational part of the competition called Dewesoft street climbing, foresees around 12 urban climbing challenges in different parts of Ljubljana. We will climb on buildings, monuments, structures, fences, etc. Each challenge will be evaluated and climbers will accumulate points. The challenges will be available between 9 am and 6 pm, and during this time the competitor must climb as many of them as possible.

The real adrenaline rush for competitors and spectators will be the evening finale, which will take place on a special climbing wall placed above the Ljubljanica River. Two competitors will compete on the wall at the same time, and the winner will be the one who climbs to the last handhold first. Climbing will only be possible with hands, the use of legs will not be allowed. The competition will run according to the pyramid system of elimination, the winner of the pair continues to the next round, until the final winner. Since the wall will be placed above the water, any mistake by the climber is punished by falling into the Ljubljanica. Invited competitors from Slovenia and abroad will compete in the final.

To become amazed, watch the video.


Free admission

For more information go to the official website of the event.