Universum Plečnik

Workshop to a Myth

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In 1921, after decades of work abroad, Jože Plečnik returned to his native Ljubljana. At that time, the internationally known architect and a professor at the newly founded university began building a distinctive architectural, artistic and ethical world, which grew into a very special architectural phenomenon over the decades.

Plečnik's school was organized as a workshop, controlled by a master with irrevocable authority and dedication to the profession. Since the school's founding, the architect's students have oscillated between loyalty to the master and rebellion against archaic authority. Until his death in 1957, Plečnik created one of the most original architectural works of the 20th century, which cannot be placed in any of the established architectural directions, and he also educated several generations of architects who, in the second half of the 20th century, acted in favour of recognizable modernism.

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