Dormouse Adventure Park, Polhov Gradec

The Rowdy Dormouse needs help! They’ve chased him out of the attics of Polhov Gradec Manor for being too noisy and now he’s looking for a new home in the nearby forest. He invites you to join him in this magical land of thousands of flowers and fascinating forest creatures at the foot of Polhograjska Gora.

Visitors to the Dormouse Adventure Park – which is mainly designed for children but will also be enjoyed by accompanying adults – can meet a bee family, discover the “king’s flower”, visit an animal post office, climb into a wildlife observation point, peep into a badger’s sett, and so on. The park is designed in such a way that through a blend of fantasy and real life it creates experiences that encourage children to get out into the fresh air and, in an unobtrusive manner, teaches them about the nature and culture of Polhov Gradec. The path through the park is easily accessible and circular, beginning and ending by Polhov Gradec Manor. A “Dormouse Activity Book”, which children can complete during the adventure, is available to purchase at the manor.

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