Kamniški vrh (1259 m)

Across panoramic slopes to a popular peak in the Alpine foothills

A hike to Kamniški Vrh across panoramic slopes and ridges is a stunningly colourful experience, especially from spring to autumn. Nature shows many different faces along the way: grassy meadows and hillsides, steep scree slopes, forests that block out almost all the sun, a rugged world of rocks and ravines, lush green vegetation, colourful flowers, and the babble and murmur of running water. When snow covers the land you can enjoy the hushed silence that pervades the hills and mountains in winter. A wonderful hike, but one that requires a certain amount of care and skill because of the occasional steep gradient and the gravelly paths.

The route to Kamniški Vrh starts by the Bistričica stream next to a macadam car park in the village of Klemenčevo – where there is an information board about the traditional form of watercourse regulation known as the “Carniolan wall” and a signpost to “Kamniški vrh”. An arrow immediately directs you across the shallow bed of the stream and then shortly afterwards another arrow directs you to cross it again. You then start to climb a broad track through the forest – for the most part a gentle incline but with one brief steep section (be sure to take the right-hand path at each fork!). The track will bring you to the edge of the increasingly sparse forest. From here, follow the fence of the pasture and turn right at the end of it onto a narrower path that climbs up across the meadow. At this point you start to see the first fine views of the surrounding area. After a brief climb, you will come to another fence and a track leading from the hamlet of Slevo.

Cross the track and climb the wooden steps up to a gravel path that initially climbs gently along the edge of the Ravne Senožeti pasture. Above you is Planjava, with Kamniški Vrh on the right.

The path continues to get steeper and eventually you reach another wooden fence and steps. Here there is a junction: the path on the left is a difficult, very steep path across a section known as the “Kamnik (or Slevo) Flower” (Kamniška (Slevška) roža). For this hike we recommended going straight on along the initially easy forest track. The incline is moderate and the track briefly traverses two scree slopes (caution required!). You will come out of the forest onto the steep, grassy, south-western slope of Kamniški Vrh. Continue straight on (a steep track branches off to the left) and follow the narrow, gently sloping path across the panoramic slopes.

This traverse ends at the edge of the slope, where there is a bench. Follow the path to the left and continue uphill on a gravel track across an open ridge – to the hiking signposts indicating the junction with the path from Županje Njive and Stahovica. The signpost to Kamniški Vrh points to the left, onto an easier path, but we recommend continuing straight on along the steep ridge. In this way you will complete a circular hike and will be able to enjoy great views on the approach to Kamniški Vrh almost to the end of the climb.

The end point of this hike is actually “hidden” in the forest – where you will find a box containing a hiking register for you to sign – or you may prefer to sit on a bench little below the summit, where you can still enjoy the view.


Descend from Kamniški Vrh to a saddle with hiking signposts; the steep “Kamnik Flower” path descends from here (to the left) but you will follow the sign to the Osredek mountain pasture (“Planina Osredek”), which after another climb brings you to Planjava (1,243 m). From this path you can enjoy a view of another Planjava – the mountain peak rising above the Kamnik Saddle (Kamniško sedlo) – and of Ojstrica. Although you are in the higher foothills of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, you only get an occasional view of the latter.

Continue from Planjava along the narrow ridge path, which rises and falls, at some points offering fine views and at other points disappearing among the trees. It is occasionally quite exposed, so extra caution is required. Parallel to this ridge, or just below it, a marked hiking trail runs through the forests. This can be reached from the ridge at various points. The two paths meet in the forest, at the hiking signpost marked “Pl. Osredek, Ambrož, Šenturska gora”, which directs you to the left along the marked trail.

From here it is more or less downhill all the way back to the starting point – initially along a partly rocky path through the forest, from which, when the forest begins to thin out, a small path branches sharply off to the left and leads to the attractive wooden huts in the Osredek mountain pasture. Hike past them and back into the forest. After a while the terrain opens up again and becomes more rugged. After a steep downhill section over rocky ground, you will cross two gullies or ravines. The path is mainly well reinforced at the exposed points, with a steel cable for protection. As you walk you will hear the sound of the Korošak waterfalls far below, until the narrow path across the slope enters the forest. When you come out of the forest (by the hiking signposts), continue to follow the waymarks along the cart track until you reach the wooden fence where you crossed the track on the way up. From here, descend to the right following the route of the ascent.

Starting point

Klemenčevo (approx. 37 km from the centre of Ljubljana): macadam car park by the Bistričica stream at the point where the asphalt road ends. To get here, drive from Kamnik to Stahovica, then turn left in the direction of Županje Njive and follow the main road to the starting point.

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