Kingfisher Nature Trail

A wander through the mysterious world of a fairytale people

When you follow the Kingfisher Nature Trail (Po sledeh vodomca – literally “On the Trail of the Kingfisher”) into the extensive forests in Ljubljana’s hinterland, you are almost surprised to find such sylvan tranquillity so close to populated areas and, ultimately, a capital city. You don’t need to go very far before you find yourself deep in the country.

The Kingfisher Nature Trail is a 5.2 km trail that leads nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts from the village of Cerovo to Log, through the edge of the forest, past wet meadows, to the hamlet of Podlom and the source of the Podlomščica stream. From here it rises up gently through karstified woodland to the Mayor’s Cave (Županova jama), one of the most beautiful show caves in Slovenia, and Cerovo Tabor – a rare surviving example of a medieval tabor or defensive compound built to protect the local population against raiding Ottoman Turks. The trail then returns back down towards the starting point.

An information board in Cerovo village centre provides details of the trail, and there are also two boards with photographs and brief descriptions of birds living in the area that additionally enable visitors to listen to examples of birdsong.

Log, which is reached via the circular Kingfisher Nature Trail from Cerovo, lies at a point where forest meets meadow, close to a section of European Long-Distance Trail E6. An ornithological/botanical nature trail runs round the ponds and features birdwatching hides, a hedge consisting of various types of shrubs, and a wooden jetty leading into the heart of the wetland. A herb garden, orchard and apiary stand on the slope below the forest. Organised visits for groups of visitors take place here. The trail continues through the edge of the forest, past wet meadows, to the hamlet of Podlom, the “home” of fairytale forest folk known as “Podlomarji”. The trail goes on to the Mayor’s Cave and Cerovo Tabor and then back to the starting point in the village of Cerovo.

Along the way you can stop at 22 information boards with educational content. In the area of the nature trail there are 100 nesting boxes for bird species including the blue tit, treecreeper, great tit, crested tit, Ural owl, barn owl, tawny owl and other woodland birds, as well as nesting places for bats.

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By car (car park in Cerovo)

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