Ljubljana-Škofja Loka

Trekking in the Polhov Gradec Dolomites

Two medieval towns with enchanting town centres and prominent castles, and between them a varied, hilly landscape. Undoubtedly the most exciting route between Ljubljana and Škofja Loka since the experience takes in a good part of the “Slovenian Dolomites”, the Alpine foothills on the threshold of Ljubljana known for sharp peaks, beautiful views and varied flora. Not only that, but it is a fully sustainable excursion that involves taking a bus to the starting point and returning by bus to Ljubljana at the end of the trek.

The trek itself starts at the Vižmarje bus stop of the number 1 LPP bus. Follow the road towards the settlement of Gunclje (parallel to the main Ljubljana–Medvode road) and you will soon start to see hiking waymarks that little by little lead you away from the settlement and into the forest – first towards Bormes and Slavkov Dom and then on towards Katarina or Topol, to Polhograjska Grmada and the Gonte agritourism farm and from there to Mali Tošč, from where the route soon veers towards the Mihelčičev Dom mountain hut in Govejek. From there, continue to hike uphill to Osolnik and then descend to Puštal and Škofja Loka.

For the most part the route follows pleasant forest paths and tracks, with occasional sections of macadam or – more rarely – asphalt road. It passes through forest, crosses open meadows, rises and falls over ridges and takes you past some of the most popular destinations in the Polhov Gradec Dolomites. The route takes in churches, excellent gostilne, agritourism farms and a popular mountain hut – so there are plentiful opportunities for refreshments, especially at weekends (during the week, when some of the establishments are closed, it is worth bringing some food in your rucksack and, especially, water or other beverage).

The trek offers beautiful views over hilly Slovenia (the Polhov Gradec Dolomites, Krim and the hills either side of it, the hills of the Notranjska region, the hills around Škofja Loka, the Slovenian Alps, and so on) and the towns and villages below them.

The route is well marked – only on the section from Osolnik to Škofja Loka do you need to be a little more careful not to miss the waymarks. It is also a good idea to have a hiking map with the route marked on it in your rucksack. You don’t really want to get lost, since the hike is almost 30 km long with an elevation difference of around 1,400 metres and can be quite fatiguing for the less hardy hiker.

Return to Ljubljana by bus. Connections are good, even at the weekend. From starting point to destination it is a hike of around 7 to 8 hours, while the return journey takes less than half an hour!

Starting point

Take the number 1 LPP bus to the starting point (Vižmarje). There you will see the first hiking waymarks. Follow them towards Bormes.

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