Magical Šumberk Hill, Domžale

In Domžale there is a mysterious forest called Magical Šumberk Hill. In it, children (and also the grown-ups accompanying them) can discover the rich history and natural heritage of Domžale in a slightly different way. 

Magical Šumberk trail offers them a chance to take part in a special mission in this Domžale park and helping a little fox find her lost straw hat – an item of great importance to the fox and the other animals living on Šumberk Hill and also to the human inhabitants of Domžale. Along the way they discover the history of straw hats from Domžale (an industry with a 300-year tradition in this area), travel back to prehistoric times and discover the Šumberk forest, full of different trees, animals and caves – home to a gnome called Domželc and a beetle called Simon, who acts as their guide. The trail begins by Kavarna Češmin (the café in Domžale’s Češminov Park), runs along the Kamniška Bistrica stream to Šumberk and then circles over Šumberk back to the start. For a complete experience, children can buy a Magical Šumberk Hill booklet at Kavarna Češmin.

Access to the starting point

By car (parking at Domžale Primary School)

Path details

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    Vertical climb


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