Marsh Pixies Trail to Mali Plac, Ljubljana Marshes

Mali Plac is a magical place full of unusual flora and fauna. Here everything bubbles, croaks, rustles and warbles. For thousands of years it has been covered by moss that stretches deep into the forest, into the kingdom of the marsh pixies, who are cunning and sly.

They have bewitched Mali Plac and turned it topsy-turvy. Pesky mosquitoes and bothersome midges have taken over. Everything bites, crawls, stings, buzzes and snarls. Who will save it from the pixies’ spell? Children, of course! This is the essence of the story of the “swampiest adventure for the whole family”, a fantasy-adventure trail in the boggy, marshy Ljubljansko Barje wetland. The Marsh Pixies Trail to Mali Plac is an easy walking trail. The trail starts at the Bevke Sports Park, runs through the village of Bevke, climbs to the top of Kostanjevica (an isolated hill or inselberg) and then descends towards the Mali Plac nature reserve before returning to the start. A “Marsh Notebook” for children to complete during the adventure is available for purchase at the starting point.

Access to the starting point

By car (car park at the Bevke Sports Park)

Path details

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    Vertical climb


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