Rašica (Stane Kosec peak - 641 m)

A variety-filled tramp through a forest on the edge of the city

A wide variety of paths, cart tracks and macadam roads in the shelter of forest trees. The highest summit has a mountain hut serving great local food and an observation tower offering an incredible view.

An undulating landscape mainly consisting of gentle rises and falls is crisscrossed by numerous paths; some are only known to regular visitors, while other hikers will be helped by waymarks and signposts that ensure you don’t get lost while enjoying the pleasant tranquillity of the forest. Once at Stane Kosec Peak it is worth climbing the 17-metre observation tower. The view from its upper platform takes in the greater part of central Slovenia. Afterwards, you can enjoy the hospitality of the mountain hut named after the wartime partisans of the “Rašica Company” (Planinski dom Rašiške čete).

The start of the marked hiking trail to Rašica is by the hiking signpost at the junction of Dunajska Cesta and Gameljska Cesta (opposite the bridge over the Sava). This leads along Gameljska Cesta on the edge of a forested slope. After just under a kilometre, a cart track turns off the asphalt road on the right-hand side and leads into the forest (signpost: “Vrh Staneta Kosca”). From here an initially gently sloping track, that only rises slightly more steeply in a few places and then descends again, leads to the village of Rašica, where the route crosses an asphalt road and continues on a broad macadam road. Shortly after this the route branches off into the forest (to the right), begins to climb more steeply and eventually joins a wide kart track. After a brief climb, you come to a junction where a signpost directs you to the right, onto a forest track. This climbs steeply again and joins a macadam road slightly below the mountain hut.


Begin the descent on the macadam road, which narrows into a wide cart track at the junction. Continue straight on to the village of Rašica. Find the “Črnuče” signpost among the houses. This leads to a cart track running through pastureland and descends into the valley of the Črnušnica stream. Walk along the valley, which is surrounded by marshy meadows and forest, towards Črnuče.

Access to the starting point

By LPP city bus: start at the "Sava" bus stop (lines 6, 8) and end at the "Rogovilc" bus stop (line 6)

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