Rožnik (Cankar’s peak)

A pleasant walk above Ljubljana’s central park

Rožnik is one of the most popular destinations for walkers and runners in Ljubljana. Part of the Tivoli, Rožnik and Šiška Hill Nature Park, its position in the heart of the capital makes it a unique example of symbiosis of nature and the city.

This tree-covered hill above Tivoli Park – Ljubljana’s largest park – is crisscrossed by macadam roads, paths and tracks, which lead most visitors to the most popular spot: Cankar’s Peak (Rožnik’s highest peak is actually Šiška Hill, 429 m). Cankar’s Peak is named after Ivan Cankar, Slovenia’s greatest writer, who lived here from 1910 until 1917 in the building that today houses the popular Gostilna Rožnik. The gostilna (restaurant) contains a Cankar Memorial Room, while a bust of the writer stands outside. Above the gostilna is the picturesque Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, from where you can enjoy a fine view over Ljubljana.

The route up to Cankar’s Peak is along a wide macadam path starting by Tivoli Castle at the end of the Jakopič Promenade in Tivoli Park. The path rises gently, never too steeply, and is pleasant and comfortable to walk on.


Either return to Tivoli Park by the same route or follow a circular route. In the latter case, climb up to the church from Gostilna Rožnik, passing it on the left-hand side. Take the narrow macadam path to the signposts where the trail ends and joins a wide macadam road. The “Tivoli” signpost leads to the left along a broad path that descends in curves down to Gostilna Čad, a popular restaurant in Rožna Dolina, and continues parallel to the road (Cesta 27. aprila) back to Tivoli Park.

Access to the starting point

Several paths in Tivoli Park lead to Tivoli Castle but the easiest way to get there is to walk along the Jakopič Promenade from the city centre.

Food and drink


The climb up to Cankar’s Peak (and learning about the life of Slovenia’s greatest writer) is part of the unique Ljubljana Moustache Tour, chosen by EasyJet Travel Magazine as the best-guided bicycle tour of 2018!

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