Sveta Ana

Ascent to a little church with a view over the Ljubljana Marshes

This little hill rises above the Ljubljana Marshes on the southern edge of Ljubljana. On it stands a little church. According to legend, the hill lies atop the head of a dragon that is so big that its body is hidden below Podpeč Lake at the foot of the hill and its tail is under the next hill, Krim!

When it waves its tail, the water rises and floods the Barje. This is Sveta Ana, a popular excursion point, since a short and easy climb is rewarded by wonderful views over the Ljubljansko Barje, part of the Ljubljana Basin, the Polhov Gradec Dolomites, the Alps and the forested slopes of nearby Krim. At the top, a circular summit indicator helps interpret the view of the immediate and more distant surroundings of Sveta Ana. The hill is also popular with families with children, who can play in the small playground below the church.

We recommend hiking up Sveta Ana from the village of Jezero by Podpeč Lake; the route is full of variety and begins by one of the main attractions of the Ljubljansko Barje wetland – Podpeč Lake – where in summer there is a small bathing area. The popular Gostilnica Jezero, serving traditional Slovene food, stands by the lake.


Same route as the ascent

Access to the starting point

By car (car park by Podpeč Lake)

Food and drink

Gostilnica Jezero (Jezero)

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    Vertical climb


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