LUV is all around us. Not only in February and March, but all year round. However, in these months love manifests in Ljubljana in special ways – which also happen to be very Instagrammable!

A big heart made of red flowers on a stone well.

LUV is the heart at Ljubljana Castle

Front, back, left and right. LUV is simply where you are.

Photo: Ljubljana Tourism
White, pink and red bird houses on strings connecting houses in an alley.

LUV is bird feeders

The main purpose of bird feeders is to help birds find food in the colder months, but they also give them shelter and a place where they are welcome. Birds are harbingers of spring and a symbol of lovers, which comes to the fore particularly around St Gregory’s Day, when birds seek out their mates. Surely the bird feeders will help sparks fly among the birds as they gather to feast, sing and court with full bellies.

And people are not so different. If you need inspiration for romance, look out for the bird feeders in the centre of Ljubljana. Let the birds show you the way!

Matej Bizovicar Refufish foto Hendrik Zeitler 1 web

LUV burbling in Zvezda Park

What is the mighty force that drives the endless stream of life in all its fantastic and wonderful forms? What is the perpetuum mobile that has facilitated this mad dance for four billion years?

One of the building blocks of life is certainly love in all its countless forms and shades. Could that sense of yearning and desire to belong be the invisible power that drives this wonderful mad dance on our tiny little dot (and perhaps some others) in the universe? Love between partners, peers or friends, between children and parents, sexual love, intergenerational love, and other types of love mark all our lives. In all of love’s varieties, we learn about ourselves through the eyes of others and seek our place on this endless merry-go-round. In a sense, this is probably true of all living beings. For us humans, though, love is directly linked to imagination. Together they create a magical power that can instantly transport us to remote worlds and give us many and varied answers to the eternal question – What if...? The Burbling installation deals with all these questions and offers, if not exactly clear answers, at least reflections flirting with them.

Zvezda Park has a geometrical layout that essentially symbolises the meeting point of paths. This same point can also be understood as the focus a fundamental idea which spreads out in different directions to reach its full potential. This is the underlying concept of Burbling. Various fantastical creatures in different stories, who share a desire and sense of belonging that revolve around that very point.

Photo: Hendrik Zeitler
Big green dragon mascot on a city square. Houses in the background.

LUV is a girl and boy dragon

During LUV Fest, you might meet a girl and boy dragon in town, who like to go out on a date more often in the winter than otherwise. That’s when the temperatures are more to their liking. And besides, they can enjoy more privacy when they visit their favourite spots in Ljubljana, because most people prefer to stay warm indoors.