The month of love is also celebrated by Ljubljana’s restaurants, which will offer some extra special ways of treating yourself and a loved one during LUV Fest. This year, the festival has been elevated with an exclusive LUV offer, featuring participation from over 35 esteemed gastronomic and retail partners in the heart of Ljubljana.

A plate from above on a white tablecloth. On the plate is a vibrant pumpkin tartare, adorned with lettuce and radish leaves, drizzled with oil.


Restaurant: Kult 316, Prušnikova 74

Validity of the offer: February 7th to March 14th, after 5.00 PM


At the Culinary and Tourism Center Kult316, they will offer culinary delights from 5 pm onwards. Treat your taste buds with a special LUV menu:

  • Greeting from the kitchen
  • Pumpkin tartare with chestnuts, pumpkin mayonnaise, and chicory, herbal oil
  • Chef's choice soup
  • Creamy fregola with crab bisque, marinated prawn tails, aged cheese, microgreens
  • Deer back with herb crumbs, cottage cheese strudel with red cabbage, glazed vegetables, meat sauce
  • Chocolate brownie with nuts, mascarpone with cinnamon, and cranberry sauce

3 courses: €25.00
4 courses: €34.00
5 courses: €42.00

A table full of plates with different dishes.

Heartwarming dish in Švicarija (8.2.)

Restaurant: Švicarija, Pod turnom 4

Offer Validity: February 8th


Baked Trdina Polenta with Sautéed Veal Livers and Onion Marmalade (6 EUR)


Baked Polenta with Porcini Mushrooms, Young Spinach, Fried Zucchini, and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes (6 EUR)

A round pink cake with white top and a pink sugar daisy

LUV DAISY IN LOLITA (8. 2. - 25. 3.)

Restaurant: Lolita Cankarjevo nabrežje, Lolita Supernova, Grajska kavarna Lolita, Caffe Bienale, Kavarnica Kaval, MAO caffe, Vrt Lili Novy, Kavarnica Kaval Klub, Lolita Sweet & Salty, Lolitin Kotiček v Restavraciji Angel, Špica Caffe

Offer Validity: February 8th to March 12th


Lolita pastries, long synonymous with excellence and exquisite taste, are surprising this time with a special love collection. In the heart of the month of love, they present their latest creation - the single-portion cake LUV Daisy, which is a delight for the eyes and an unparalleled pleasure for your taste buds. This single-portion cake made of yogurt mousse, strawberry coulis, basil cream, lemon biscuit, and crispy lemon crumble is available for 5.90 EUR.

A glass of water and a plate with black truffle pasta.

Aphrodisiac for Lovers in Švicarija (8.2. - 12.3.)

Restaurant: Švicarija, Pod turnom 4

Offer validity: February 8 to March 12


Pljukanci with black truffles, parsley oil, and aged cheese (9 EUR)

Prešeren slice (chocolate cake with marzipan and dried figs) (4.5 EUR)

A grey wooden table with a laden plate of Asian dishes.


Restaurant: Shambala, Križevniška Street 12

Offer validity: 8th February to 12th March


Trio of Shambala appetizers with a glass of sparkling wine (14.50 EUR):
Teriyaki chicken with peanut sauce, chef's choice Vietnamese roll, Thai basil and coriander marinated black tiger prawn with mango sauce.

Shambala sweet classic (13.90 EUR):
Chocolate soufflé with mango ice cream and coconut foam accompanied by Kopke port wine.

You can make a reservation at this link.

Cacao srce

LUV IN CACAO (8. 2. - 12. 3.)

Restaurant: Cacao, Petkovškovo nabrežje 3 or Letališka cesta 11 or Gosposvetska cesta 2

Offer validity: 1st February to 12th March


Experience the love hidden in every bite of Cacao's heart-shaped mousse of white chocolate with strawberries - for 3.90 EUR.

A plate full of food on a table.


Restaurant: Abi Falafel, Trubarjeva 40

Offer validity: 8th Feb to 12th Mar


The menu of mixed delights for two people will be available throughout the LUV festival and includes:

  • Falafels (deep-fried chickpea patties)
  • Arabic wraps (stuffed crispy rolls)
  • Kubbe (patty filled with roasted veal, pine nuts, and a crust of coarsely ground wheat)
  • Shish kebab with beef and lamb, and chicken shish kebab
  • Grape vine leaves stuffed with a mixture (sarma)
  • Hummus (chickpea and sesame paste spread)
  • Babaghanough (smoked eggplant cream)
  • Tabbouleh salad (made from parsley, fresh mint, and coarsely ground wheat).

The price for the menu for two people is 32€.

20240131 141417 resized

LUV MACRONS IN LOLITA (8. 2. - 25. 3.)

Restaurant: Lolita Cankarjevo nabrežje, Lolita Supernova, Grajska kavarna Lolita, Caffe Bienale, Kavarnica Kaval, MAO caffe, Vrt Lili Novy, Kavarnica Kaval Klub, Lolita Sweet & Salty, Lolitin Kotiček v Restavraciji Angel, Špica Caffe

Offer Validity: February 8th to March 25th


Lolita's LUV heart-shaped macarons represent a small art of sweet love. Each macaron is carefully crafted to express emotions in the sweetest way possible. These little delights are a symbol of love and a perfect way to share something special with those you care about. Available at a price of €2.20 per piece.

Cetrkova komfortacija v Mali terasi

LUV THURSDAYS' COMFORTATION IN MALA TERASA (8.2., 15.2., 22.2., 29. 2., 7.3.)

Restaurant: Mala terasa, Ajdovščina 1

Offer validity: 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of February, and 7th of March.


Prime and Frendi present Thursday's LUV comfortation, consisting of comfortable food with a touch of DJ friends, ensuring an even better vibe during the meal. Menus are available here.

Gift package placed on a pink surface with white patterns. In the center, there is a wooden bowl, and next to it, small glass bowls. Pasta in plastic packaging is leaning against the wooden bowl.


Vendor: Oliviers & CO., Ciril Metodov Square 20

Offer validity: February 8th to March 12th.


This Valentine's, ignite your passion with a culinary experience that speaks the language of love. Start with a tempting appetizer - such as creamy goat cheese combined with strawberries, drizzled with balsamic vinegar for a delightful mix of sweet and tangy. Indulge in the rich taste of perfectly baked filet mignon or succulent herb-roasted poultry for the main course. Enhance your intimate culinary experience with sides like truffle pasta or freshly baked vegetables. No romantic dinner is complete without a sweet conclusion. Create the perfect ending with chocolates or luscious pastries that whisper love with every bite. In the store, you can also create your own combination of packages. (LUV discount: -15%)

Expert in a white medical uniform stands in front of a modern medical device. In the background, there are wallpapers with a floral pattern.


Vendor: Beauty Center Afrodita, Kongresni Square 15

Offer validity: February 8th to March 12th.


Comprehensive skin analysis and individual professional consultation with the diagnostic device OBSERV®.
With expert diagnostics in 30 minutes, gain an understanding of your skin's condition and needs, leading to a personally tailored skincare routine!
The comprehensive skin analysis reveals:
• Pigmentation and skin phototype
• Sebum or oil secretion quantity
• Skin texture and color
• Collagen status
• Dermis thickness
• Possible infections and inflammations
• Potential skin damages
• Condition and number of fine lines, pores, and pigmented spots

After the diagnosis, receive guidance on proper skincare and product recommendations suitable for your skin type.
Price: €20
Special LUV offer after the skin analysis: -10% on Afrodita Professional products and -30% on cosmetic procedures when scheduling an appointment immediately after the analysis.

Collage of photos depicting models in recycled clothing and sustainable fashion


Vendor: KNOF Collection Store, Stari Square 30

Offer duration: February 8th to March 12th.


KNOF Collection is a local vintage, fair, and recycled store providing a sustainable experience in the heart of Ljubljana. They offer carefully selected second-hand and vintage clothing, garments from local Slovenian sustainable designers, fair trade products (coffee, tea, chocolate), as well as souvenirs and items made from recycled PP plastic, crafted in Slovenia. During the duration of the LUV festival, visitors who take a photo at their recycled plastic photo booth, tag @knof_collection and @visitljubljana on their Instagram profile, will receive not only sustainable memories but also a 20% discount in the store. You can receive a 20% discount if you show this message in their store.

Wooden table with two plates. On the left, Balkan cevapi, pljeskavica, and sausages with potatoes and onions as a side dish, on the other, a piece of cake, decorated with cream and sprinkled with hazelnuts

LUV IN BAŠČARŠIJA (8.2. - 12.3.)

Restaurant: Baščaršija, Trubarjeva 52

Offer validity: February 8th to March 12th.


During the Love, Art, and Wandering Festival, Baščaršija has prepared a special LUV FEST menu for 2 people. For a relaxing start, they will serve you two ''rakija'' (fruit brandy made from quinces). Next, enjoy their most popular Baščaršija platter for 2 people - savor the meat and flatbreads prepared fresh daily for over 15 years. For dessert, indulge in a homemade bajadera, for which you might ask the waiter for the recipe. (30 EUR)

Upside-down wooden bowl with dried figs, scattered on a gray surface.


Restaurant: Slovenska hiša, Cankarjevo nabrežje 13

Offer validity: February 8th


In honor of France Prešeren, the greatest Slovenian poet on his holiday, Slovenian House will prepare a special treat. In their riverside restaurant, they will be offering all guests crispbreads with homemade fig spread as a symbol of cultural awareness on this holiday.

The photograph is symbolic
A set table with a bowl showcasing granola, yogurt, strawberries, and sprinkled with seeds.


Restaurant: Špica Caffe, Kavarnica Kaval, Caffe Bienale, Vrt Lili Novy, Lolita Sweet & Salty – Ljubljana Airport, Lolita Cankarjeva, Lolita Supernova Rudnik, Grajska kavarna Lolita, MAO caffe

Offer validity: February 8th to March 31st


Just a ten-minute stroll from the center of Ljubljana brings you to Špica Caffe, where visitors can bask in the greenery, soak up the sun, and enjoy the view. In the month of love, they have prepared a LUV breakfast for lovers for a delightful start to the day. The Lovers' breakfast consists of yogurt, Fika granola 'Forest Dreams' (oat flakes, almonds, freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries, chia seeds, and white chocolate pieces), fresh fruit, and honey. (7.7 EUR)

20240131 142604 resized

''Sincere love'' cocktail at Lolita (8.2. - 25.3.)

Restaurant: Lolita Cankarjevo nabrežje, Lolita Supernova, Grajska kavarna Lolita, Caffe Bienale, Kavarnica Kaval, MAO caffe, Vrt Lili Novy, Kavarnica Kaval Klub, Lolita Sweet & Salty, Lolita's Corner at Restaurant Angel, Špica Caffe

Offer validity: February 8th to March 12th


To enhance the LUV mood, the "Sincere Love" cocktail, created by the world-renowned bartender Draga Kepeš, will add the finishing touch. It's crafted from carefully selected ingredients that complement each other, creating a unique taste experience. For the perfect LUV experience, indulge in some macarons or single-portion cakes on the side.

thumbnail IMG 0353 resized

Love on the plate at restaurant Naša hiša (8.2. -14.3.)

Restaurant: Naša hiša, Gallusovo nabrezje 31

Offer Validity: February 8th to March 12th


Because love goes through the stomach, during the LUV festival, the restaurant Naša hiša (Our House) will offer their three most popular pizzas (King Umberto, Margherita, Classic) in a heart-shaped version. They are made with love, from the selection of ingredients to the presentation on the plate.

A black table with wooden spoon and a plated croissant.

PASTRY COURSE 'Puff Pastry' AT BIC (10.2.)

Restaurant: Biotechnical Educational Center Ljubljana, Ižanska 10

Offer validity: February 10th


In the workshop on making puff pastry, you'll explore the secrets of regular and chocolate puff pastry, cream slices, exquisite vanilla slices with strawberries, and lovers of exotic flavors can indulge in making pockets with vanilla cream and juicy pears, as well as delicious chocolate pockets with chocolate filling. Sign up for the course and discover the hidden charms of pastry creation!

The photograph is symbolic
Two pink heart-shaped boxes on a white surface. One of them has a pink lid with a white bow, and the other is open. It contains colorful chocolate pralines.


Vendor: Cukrček Chocolaterie, Ciril Metod Square 19 or Miklošičeva 4 or Aleja (Rakuševa 1)

Offer validity: February 10th to March 20th


Handcrafted pralines with various flavors of love (raspberries, strawberries, roses, gin, moussa, mint, and other interesting flavors) in noble dark chocolate from Madagascar. Let your heart be full of chocolate for someone you want to indulge in sweet moments with. Available in a heart-shaped box with 12 pralines, in pink or blue color (11.90 EUR).

Hands of an expert engraving text on a glass.


Vendor: Rogaška Glassworks, Mestni Square 22

Offer validity: February 13th


In the spirit of the LUV festival and the celebration of love, on February 13th, they will provide free engraving on all shiny gifts for all customers. Let the crystal surprise be enhanced with a dedication to your loved one.

Drawn kitchen silverware.

5-DAY BASIC CULINARY COURSE 'COOKING SPARK' AT BIC (11., 12., 15., 19. and 22. 3.)

Restaurant: Biotechnical Educational Center Ljubljana, Ižanska 10

Offer validity: March 11th, 12th, 15th, 19th, and 22nd.


On this culinary adventure, you'll explore the foundations of cooking and learn basic culinary skills. By preparing delicious and simple dishes and with the help of useful kitchen tricks, you'll gain essential knowledge to become a true culinary master. Join the course and ignite sparks in your kitchen!

The photograph is symbolic
A modern restaurant with dark walls, elegantly set tables, and artworks adorning the walls.


Restaurant: PEN CLUB Restaurant, Tomšičeva Street 12

Offer validity: February 12th to February 16th


"The space itself radiates an energy that simply attracts and soothes. When you add good relaxing food, a pleasantly chilled drink, and friendly words to that, it's simply hard to get up from the table and leave." (Chef Mojmir Marko Šiftar)

You are warmly invited to the tasting menu "Romantic Idea" at PEN CLUB Restaurant, where Chef Mojmir Marko Šiftar and the team create a magical experience. With the harmony of exquisite food, charming space, and pleasant words, the evening promises unforgettable flavors and love. The tasting menu includes:

  • Chef's Greeting
  • Beef tartare with truffles, onion butter, pickled shallots, and herb oil
  • Creamy celery soup with almonds and dried raspberries
  • Flambéed duck liver with strawberry chutney and macadamia
  • Sea bass fillet with shrimp sauce on lemon puree with pine nut chips and lemon puree
  • Chocolate soufflé with mango sorbet and pomegranate

(62 EUR/person)

A restaurant with wooden tables, featuring an illustration of an angel with a lute in the background on the wall


Restaurant: Angel Restaurant, Cesta Ljubljanske brigade 33 (Supernova Ljubljana Šiška)

Offer validity: February 12th to February 17th


Angel Restaurant, located in the extension of the Ljubljana Supernova Mercator center Šiška, provides an exquisite dining experience, offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the shopping center. They have prepared a special Valentine's offer with top-notch dishes and wine pairing for the lovers.

srna Igor jagodic foto Dean Dubokovic.w603h688c

LUV vibe at Strelec Restaurant (12.2 - 18.2., 1.3.)

Restaurant: Restaurant Strelec, Grajska planota 1

Offer validity: February 12th to February 18th, March 1st at 18.00


At Strelec Restaurant, under the watchful eye of Chef Igor Jagodic, they are preparing a special Valentine's and ''Gregorjevo'' menu from February 12th to February 18th. In addition, they will mark the beginning of March with an interesting culinary event, a dinner with Moet Chandon champagnes. The dinner is priced at 200 EUR per person (wine pairing included), and the number of seats is limited. More details about the event will be available here, reservations are accepted via email.

The AI-generated photograph depicts a butcher at a piano, with fresh meat hanging in the background and a heart on a cutting board in the foreground.

HEART ON A PLATE AT MEAT BUSINESS SHOP (14., 15., 16. 2. and 8. 3)

Restaurant: Meat Business Shop, Dunajska 56 (basement passage of Bežigrajski dvor)

Offer validity: February 14th, 15th, 16th and March 8th at 18:00.


What do the stomach, heart, and brain have in common? All three are common elements of more or less established phrases that speak about love. The real deal that goes through the stomach hits straight to the heart and confuses the brain.

Therefore, at Meat Business Shop, they will seize exactly where love grabs and invite you to an evening of connection through a menu that will combine offal and good wine.

Three courses, as imagined by Marko from Meat Business, will dance to the music of The Doors, Pink Floyd, and some other good old classics, accompanied by wine selected for this occasion by Ana from Dobro vino. No one will look at you sideways if you decide to dance too. No one will check whether your knees are soft from love, from wine, or both. Reservation is required for dinner; you can come as a couple, alone, or in any other number up to 10 (that's the number of available seats for the evening).

(80 EUR/person)

The interior of a modernly furnished pub, with many visitors seated at tables filled with glasses or standing with glasses in hand.


Restaurant: Broken Bones Distillery, Tržaška 132

Offer validity: February 14th, from 16:00 to 22:00.


At Broken Bones Distillery, they have envisioned the day of love a bit differently and have chosen to focus on creating beautiful (and perhaps a bit blurry) memories among friends. They are hosting a Galentine's evening for all visitors who want to avoid Valentine's decorations and lovey-dovey looks, and would rather indulge in delicious cocktails and pleasant company.

Grey background, half of a table with a white tablecloth, on which there is a white relief plate with white foam on it.


Restaurant: JB Restaurant, Miklošičeva Street 19

Offer validity: February 14th, at 18:00.


Celebrate the most romantic day of the year in the company of top chefs and winemakers. They have prepared a special menu to enhance your evening.

  • Chef's greeting
  • Cauliflower – prawns
  • Winter fish soup – seaweed
  • 'JB' Ravioli
  • Adriatic white fish – saffron – carrot – ginger
  • Valentine's dessert 'JB'
  • Petit fours

(75 EUR/person)

Mala tereasa Sredina luv Zvecerja


Restaurant: Mala Terasa, Ajdovščina 1

Offer validity: February 14th.


Not only does love go through the stomach, but food also does, and Wednesday takes care of that, of course. The menu is available here.

The photograph is symbolic
Cesnja Karim


Restaurant: Atelier Karim, Dalmatinova Street 4a

Offer validity: February 14th.


Who doesn't know Karim's famous cherry, as featured in the Masterchef show? On Valentine's Day, you can treat your sweet tooth with it too. At Atelier Karim, it will be available for you in a beautiful gift packaging for only 13 EUR.

White table with a round brown cake and a red center in the shape of a bow on the heart.


Restaurant: Atelier Karim, Dalmatinova Street 4a

Offer validity: February 14th.


Valentina is a seductive cake that you can cut into 3 to 4 slices and enjoy with your better half, friends, and/or loved ones. Dive into its strawberry core surrounded by delicious vanilla mousse. We must warn you that after the first bite, you might not want to share Valentine with others - but that's okay! Valentine's Day comes only once a year, so you can indulge in it guilt-free - for 25 EUR.

shutterstock 567010213 resized


Restaurant: Dvor Jezeršek, Zgornji Brnik 63, 4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem

Offer validity: February 14th




Trout and horseradish
(Red trout tartare, above-ground kohlrabi, horseradish pens, crushed pumpkin seeds)


Buckwheat and celery
(Buckwheat gnocchi, cream of celery tuber, marinated Treviso radicchio, blue cheese ice cream)


Monkfish and peas
(Deep-fried monkfish, butter sauce, pea puree, potato soufflé, fried capers)


Pork and potatoes
(Krškopolje pork chop, sweet potato puree, raspberry sauce, beetroot fritters)


Rhubarb and buckwheat
(Yogurt panna cotta, rhubarb sorbet, buckwheat crumble, white chocolate)

The menu price is 45 EUR, and the wine pairing is an additional 21 EUR.

A white wall with relief details, featuring a colorful Valentine's-style illustration hanging on it.


Restaurant: AS Boutique Hotel, Čopova Street 5A

Offer validity: February 14th


An unforgettable night at the charming AS Boutique Hotel with a Valentine's dinner and breakfast at the JAZ restaurant for only 345 EUR for two people. Possibility of extending the stay for only 160 EUR per night.

Pink abstract illustration from which you can discern the shapes of two people with blue hearts instead of faces.


Restaurant: Veganika Restaurant, Gornji trg 33

Offer validity: February 14th.


Veganika has prepared a 7-course vegan Valentine's dinner, where Anja Fir and Nika Babič will present their loves: ferments, local vegetables, and the quest for vegan umami. (95 EUR/person)

A woman in white in front of a blank canvas.


Restaurant: Neu Residences, Kolodvorska Street 6A

Offer validity: February 14th at 6:00 PM


Join us for an exclusive event where you will indulge your taste buds with delicious sparkling wine and snacks while, under the guidance of an experienced artist, you will learn to paint. Relax with the wonderful combination of art, flavors, and socializing.

Agencija RawNEUevent2 resized

Single and ready to mingle at Neu Residences (14.2.)

Restaurant: Neu Residences, Kolodvorska Street 6a

Offer validity: February 14th, from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM


On the evening of Valentine's Day, you can socialize at Neu Residences in a bar with live music and cocktails. The evening is intended for those seeking love (Single and ready to mingle), as you will have the opportunity to meet new people, have fun in a pleasant atmosphere, and create new love stories.

A white background with black hearts and sword blades.


Vendor: Zorica, Kersnikova ulica 4

Offer validity: 14.2.


Tattoo session at Zorica! Nika Vuchkova is preparing tattoo flashes available at extra special prices. Nika is a young artist and tattoo artist from Ljubljana who has spent some time working in London and is now touring across Europe!

Green background with scattered arrows illustrated, each having a pink heart instead of the arrowhead.


Restaurant: Nebo Show Restaurant, Tomšičeva Street 2

Offer validity: February 14th and 15th.


On the evening of lovers, Nebo is organizing a special Valentine's Day experience where love will unite with exquisite cuisine and enchanting music. In the most exclusive restaurant in town, Nebo Show Restaurant, they invite you to a magical 4-course dinner accompanied by a special musical performance. Chef Nebo will create a unique experience for your taste buds, consisting of four luxurious courses. The flavors of gourmet cuisine, prepared with love, will take your taste buds on an exceptional culinary journey. During dinner, you will be accompanied by a special musical performance, creating a magical atmosphere and deepening the romantic experience. Heart-touching music will be the backdrop of your perfect Valentine's evening. Nebo Show Restaurant, renowned for its elegance and prestige, will add a touch of luxury to your evening. The splendid atmosphere, luxurious decoration, and panoramic view of the city will create the perfect setting for a romantic Valentine's experience.

The next evening, on February 15th, singles will also have their chance to enjoy themselves - they are organizing a Single Mingle evening for all those who have not yet been struck by Cupid's arrow.




The photograph is symbolic
A chef wearing an apron, reaching for a hanging piece of meat.

Culinary Workshop "MEAT AND OFFAL" AT GRIČ (15.2.)

Restaurant: Grič, Šentjošt nad Horjulom 24 d

Offer validity: 15.2. at 17:00


In the 5-hour workshop on meat led by chef Luka, you will naturally talk about meat. Luka will explain the meat aging processes and how, with a little ingenuity, you can use them at home. They will demonstrate a few tricks, what to pay attention to when buying and preparing meat and offal. You will also discuss the importance of a sustainable approach to meat consumption. The workshop includes a glass of wine and sparkling wine, a warm drink, and a light dinner. You can sign up via email. (150 EUR/person)

A table with a place setting in a ski cabin. In the background, darkness, mountains, and a view of the landscape, with lit candles on the table

CABLE CAR DINNER (15.2. AND 16.2.)

Restaurant: Dvor Jezeršek and Gostilna Krištof, cabins of the Krvavec cable car

Offer validity: February 15th and 16th


In February, they offer a special LUV version of Cable Car Dinner, which will take place on February 15th at 19:00 and February 16th at 19:00.

A smiling man is biting into the stem of a green plant. It is in a pot next to him, against a black background.


Restaurant: Grashka Deli, Trubarjeva Street 72 (ground floor of Center Rog)

Offer validity: February 16th


Grashka Deli is organizing the first, opening event of unconventional plant-based culinary acrobatics, selected noble liquids, and progressive music from old and new generations. They will host the well-known culinary expert, progressive of the new generation, Jorg Zupan, who is constantly seeking new dimensions in food and has accepted the challenge of preparing a plant-based menu. He is the main protagonist of the restaurants Aftr and Breg, with a Michelin star at the Atelje restaurant, and judging by his energy, this is just the beginning of his success. The accompaniment is as important as the main actor of this evening, so sommelier Alen Audič will join, a representative of Drinkslowine, who advocates for natural and Slovenian wines and has worked in the House of Franko for several years. The musical accompaniment will be covered by the street-worn duo Marla, with a selection from timeless classics to more impactful underground prose.

Two time slots are available: for early birds, arrival between 18:00 and 19:00, and a second round at 21:00 for those seeking a later experience. Be punctual, hungry, and open-hearted! The later hours will be dedicated to musical enjoyment until 1:00, ensuring you have ample time for regeneration the next morning. 

Jorg Zupan x Grashka Menu:

  • Grashka selection of delicacies.
  • Beetroot a la filet mignon, whipped fermented almond block by Grashka, ponzu sauce.
  • Flatbread, chickpea ferment ricotta by Grashka, garlic cream with aqua faba, chilly crisp, Grashka tempeh.
  • Black sesame crème brûlée, quince cooked in syrup with hibiscus and pomegranate, pistachio.

Reservations are accepted here. When registering, provide:

  • Name and surname of the visitor and the number of people sitting at the table.
  • Preferred arrival time (A: 18/19h or B: 21h).
  • If you own a Grashka membership card with a discount.

Menu Price: €59
Grashka Membership Cardholders (10% discount): €53.1

A black background with mollusks and other seafood arranged on top.

Workshop ''Sea Molluscs'' at Grič (28.2.)

Restaurant: Grič, Šentjošt nad Horjulom 24 d

Offer validity: 28th of February at 5:00 PM


During the 5-hour workshop led by chef Luka, you will focus on preparing shellfish. The workshop is intended for all seafood enthusiasts. You will discuss which shellfish are best to buy at certain times and what you need to pay attention to. You will prepare some dishes and learn techniques that you can use in your home kitchen. The workshop includes a glass of wine and prosecco, a warm beverage, and a light dinner. You can sign up via email. (150 EUR/person)

The photograph is symbolic
A compact brown bread on a wooden table.


Restaurant: Biotechnical Educational Center Ljubljana, Ižanska 10

Validity of the offer: 2.3.


Discover the secrets of preparing diverse gluten-free dishes and find out how gluten-free cooking can become a true culinary delight! Sign up for the course and uncover the hidden charms of pastry creation.

The photo is symbolic
The chef's hands tearing a cube of rice in half.

Culinary Workshop "KOJI" at Grič (13.3.)

Restaurant: Grič, Šentjošt nad Horjulom 24 d

Offer validity: March 13th at 17:00


In this 5-hour workshop led by chef Luka Košir and his team, you will delve into the rich tradition of koji making. You will master the basics and learn all about the possibilities of using fermented products in your home kitchen. The workshop will also introduce you to their homemade ferments, which you will have the opportunity to taste. Most importantly, you will craft your own miso paste to take home. The workshop includes a glass of wine and sparkling wine, a warm beverage, and a light dinner. To participate, you can sign up via email. (Price: 150 EUR/person)

A table in a restaurant. On the table, intertwined forks, with a small red heart laid between them, adorned with sparkles


Restaurant: Slovenska hiša - Figovec, Gosposvetska Street 1

Offer validity: 8.3. to 12.3.


In the restaurant Slovenian House - Figovec, in honor of St. Gregory's, they are preparing a special menu. This will be based on Slovenian delicacies, connecting old Slovenian holidays with a modern taste of the LUV festival.

The photograph is symbolic
Gray background with various intricately decorated rolls and loaves of bread.

Culinary Workshop "Bread" at Grič (20.3.)

Restaurant: Grič, Šentjošt nad Horjulom 24 d

Offer validity: 20.3. at 17:00


In a 5-hour workshop led by chef Luka Košir, you'll have the opportunity to prepare various types of bakery products using different techniques. You'll focus on the use of various flours and employ different techniques for baking products. The workshop will mainly involve working with sourdough and you'll also learn how to prepare it at home. The workshop includes a glass of wine and champagne, a warm drink, and a light dinner. You can sign up via email. (120 EUR/person)

The photograph is symbolic