Surprise boat ride

If you think cities offer little interest in the winter, and even less romance, you may have to change your mind. The surprise boat is the perfect place to fall in love with the city and raise a glass of sparkling wine. Besides, cuddling with a loved one is even nicer in the cold, so a winter boat ride has its advantages!

Note: a free glass of sparkling wine is only served on the 1 PM trip. Enjoy the ride!

When? Every day at 1 PM
How much? €12
How long? 45 minutes

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Guided city tour: Ljubljana’s tales of love

Can you imagine all the things the city would say if it could speak? Even though it can’t, you can still hear all its juiciest love stories in an exhilarating guided tour, where the role of the city will be performed by an experienced guide.
• When? Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 4.30 PM

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A blue co-sharing car driving on the road.

Take a spin with Avant2go

Lucky users will find a gift coupon with free credit in 15 random AVANT2GO car-sharing vehicles every day during LUV Fest. Because LUV is also love for the environment.

Ljubljana Fragrance Line

LUV is also a lovely fragrance. And love for a lovely city. This is why Tourism Ljubljana has developed the Ljubljana line of natural fragrances, which can stir LUV inside you every day, even after the end of LUV Fest.

Photo: Vid Rotar buy online
A silhouette of a kissing couple. Numerous hearts in the background.

Singles events

L is LUV. And LUV is love. If you’re looking for ideas on how to find it, we have a few suggestions.

If you fancy dating in the most comfortable way, you can simply have a drive-in date in your car.

If you prefer conventional forms of dating, you can try speed-dating in person.

In February and March, you can go on a matching date, where the dating agent Ninka will use a completed questionnaire along with a photo to find good matches, and then provide you with their contact details.

If you’re not sure how to get out there and start dating, we recommend Coffee with Ninka, who will share advice on the best ways to meet singles of your age, or how to maintain a focus on living a full and positive single life.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling bold, you could just go to the Valentine’s Ball and perhaps meet your soulmate or make new friends in a more spontaneous way.