Even if you can't visit Ljubljana yet, we prepared a city tour for you. Join our local guides on a remote tour of Ljubljana, from the comfort of your home. They hope they will be able to take you on a live one again soon.

View their videos to see Ljubljana as it was on the height of COVID-19 lockdown, without people in the streets and its usual vibrant city vibe. These days the lockdown measures have already loosened and life is returning to the streets. We hope it won't be long now …

Until then, we invite you to join the remote city tour, led by two of our best guides. Learn some interesting facts and stories about the most notable sights of Ljubljana and enjoy some great anecdotes our guides always share with their groups.

Introduction to Ljubljana by Urban

Urban decided to introduce Ljubljana in Spanish as it's his favorite foreign language. He tells us most people he meets abroad don't have a clear notion of Slovenia. That's why he always does this introduction to his country and home city, to help them understand where he comes from and how he lives.

Note: use CC to switch between the Spanish or English subtitles in the video below.

Ljubljana Old Town walking tour with Martin

Martin is a specialist in the history of Ljubljana. He knows almost everything about our city and his stories captivate the visitors on his tours. Take a short walk through a part of Ljubljana Old Town with him.

Note: use CC to switch on the English subtitles in the videos below.

Part 1: Ljubljana Town Hall

The baroque palace of the municipal authority, built in the 15th century, is where most guided tours of Ljubljana begin and this one won't be an exception. The Mestni trg square where it stands is the main square of the city. Get to know its history and then proceed with us to explore the Ljubljana Old Town.

Part 2: The Robba Fountain

The fountain of three Carniolan rivers was built by the famous Italian baroque sculptor Francesco Robba. The background story to this famous work of art is shrouded in mystery which concerns the legend of the origin of Ljubljana.

Part 3: Triple Bridge

The place where the three bridges stand used to an important crossing even in ancient times. When, in the 20th century, the middle bridge became too narrow for all the traffic, the famous architect Plečnik added to it two side bridges, intended for pedestrians. Get to know why this was and still is, a stroke of genius.

Part 4: Ribji trg square

In this small square, you can find Ljubljana's oldest building, known also for the fact that the Slovenian Protestant Reformer of the Lutheran tradition Primož Trubar used to live there. Learn what was the mark that he left on Slovenian culture. Also, get to know why a large part of Ljubljana Old Town is a baroque masterpiece.

Part 5: The Ljubljanica river embankments

The Ljubljanica river that flows through Ljubljana is the soul of the city. Its embankments are usually vibrant with life and they are also a sight to see, intersected by many beautiful bridges. One of them is the Cobblers' Bridge, striking for its unique appearance as well as its colorful history.