Flavors of Central Slovenia

The Central Slovenia’s countryside with its traditional restaurants and tourist farms with homemade food offers a rich culinary experience in a genuine environment.

For centuries, Slovenian restaurants have been the centre of social gatherings, where people enjoy in good food and wine. When you come to one of these restaurants, traditionally owned by families, you are warmly welcomed and treated as their special guest. Their food has a touch of homemade cookery and is often prepared to the old family recipes. In this respect, country restaurants have preserved their authenticity. Many of them continue a long-standing tradition handed down from generation to generation and enjoy a reputation that has outgrown the local boundaries.

Besides serving local food, tourist farms also offer a genuine experience of country life to the visitor. Most of them receive day trip visitors only but some also offer accommodation. Some of them sell their local food and visiting tourist farms also gives you the opportunity to explore the countryside as a source of recreation, either on foot, by bike or on horses. 

Culinary guide: Flavors of Central Slovenia in the Middle of the Table


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