Outdoor cafés in Ljubljana

As soon as the first warm rays of spring sunshine reach the streets of Ljubljana, the local residents begin to get together in large numbers at the city's countless cafés and bars with outdoor seating and cool shade.

Ljubljana is a relaxed city with a leisurely vibe where people still know how to sit down and take a break to meet friends and enjoy the beauty of their vibrant home city.

Ljubljana derives its unique character from the river Ljubljanica and its picturesque bridges and embankments, which represent the soul of the city and offer plenty of opportunities to sit down and chill while watching the world go by.

Pleasant cafés and bars with outdoor seating can also be found elsewhere in the city, on pavements and public squares and across pedestrian areas. Shaded by tree canopies and surrounded by flower pots rather than fences, they turn the city's public areas into summer oases of calm and relaxation amongst the bustling city.

Experience Ljubljana the way the locals do when they have a moment to spare to sip on cup of coffee or a glass of wine after a busy day. Sit down at one of the numerous cafés and bars included in the list below. If only you manage to find a table, pleasure is guaranteed, particularly in the evening when the streets of Ljubljana are particularly vibrant.

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