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Ljubljana and its surrounding areas offer a wealth of opportunities for scenic trips. The entire region is crisscrossed with hiking trails.

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The green hearts of the city

Ljubljana is one of the greenest cities in the world. It offers you a unique opportunity to embark on hiking trips inside the city area. The network of hiking trails starts spreading out from the city centre and becomes more and denser as we move outwards. The green hearts of the city are the Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski hrib Landscape Park, Golovec, Rašica and the popular Šmarna gora (Mt. Saint Mary), the scenic "roof of Ljubljana."

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The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship

The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship, which encircles Ljubljana, symbolizes dedication to a healthy lifestyle while at the same time serving as a reminder of the city's history. It runs along the 32.5-kilometre long course of the military barbed-wire fence which surrounded Ljubljana during the Second World War.

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Hiking trails in the Ljubljana region

In Ljubljana region, the pre-Alpine and Alpine worlds meet the karst landscape, with hillocks and hills rising as far as the eye can see until they are halted by the mighty grey walls of the Alps.

The region offers a number of locally popular hiking trails that are well worth discovering. You can also embark on lengthy explorations as individual trails, generally well waymarked, can be combined into longer ones.

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Nature education trails and family experiences

Embark on the nature trails and learn about life in the woods and other natural environments. Discover the themed trails offering tailor-made experiences for children.

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Mountaineering tradition in Slovenia

Slovenia boasts a rich mountain tradition and a dense network of marked mountain trails. They are equipped with waymarks (red circle with a white dot in the centre) to show the way. Additional help comes from red orientation boards or signposts, signs with broken lines and arrows etc.

Mountain huts, offering an opportunity to rest, have a tasty meal and enjoy great views, are an indispensable part of the Slovenian mountain tradition. In the summer season, they are open every day, while during the rest of the year they are mostly closed (particularly the higher-lying ones) or are only open on fine weekends.

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The difficulty of trails and proper mountain equipment


Hiking safety must always be considered first, so make sure to set off on a trail with the right mountaineering equipment, depending on the difficulty of the route you choose.

Safe hiking requires suitable sports clothing that is adapted to the season and the weather, hiking shoes/boots and, if necessary hiking poles. In winter the use of small crampons is recommended – for easier treks.

According to their difficulty, hiking trails in Slovenia can be:

  • easy: can be walked using standard hiking equipment (suitable footwear and clothing, hiking poles as necessary), no use of hands is needed;
  • difficult: include more difficult sections where the use of hands is needed; exposed sections fitted with protective infrastructure;
  • very difficult: use of hands essential, trails have pegs and cables to enable safe passage in some sections; use of full personal protective equipment recommended for additional safety.

Weather conditions and proper conduct in nature

Before setting off into the hills, it is always a good idea to enquire about conditions on the trail and the weather forecast. Do not head to the mountains in cases of bad weather or snow.

Respect nature. Take rubbish back down to the valley. Stay on marked paths. Do not startle animals. Do not pick flowers or other plants.

Mountain weather forecast

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Hiking trails

Discover the best hiking opportunities in and around Ljubljana.

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