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Bevke Learning Trail

For those who love the blend of natural and cultural landscape – and peace


  • Distance 5125m

  • Duration 2:00h

  • Hight 289m

Tranquillity. This is probably the predominant sensation that fills visitors to the Bevke Learning Trail that crosses the broad marshy levels of Ljubljana’s Barje wetland (aka the Ljubljana Marshes). You are enveloped in a silence that makes the twittering of the birds even more audible and the rustling of the treetops in the wind even louder. The route is level and mainly follows macadam roads or tracks. This means that you don’t have to watch every step and instead can pay attention to what surrounds you: a wonderful world made up of an unending mosaic of grassland, stands of trees, fields, ditches and hedgerows – home to numerous plants and animals rarely found elsewhere in Slovenia or, indeed, Europe.