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Rakitna Forest and Archaeological Learning Trail (789 m)

A varied and educational excursion through the natural and historical heritage of Rakitna


  • Distance 4200m

  • Duration 1:30h

  • Ascent 90m

  • Hight 789m

Green, tranquil, varied and educational. These are the characteristics of a walk along the Roman Wall Forest and Archaeological Learning Trail in Rakitna, high above the Ljubljansko Barje wetland, in the middle of a large karst plateau in the heart of the hills of the Krim and Mokrica range. Rakitna has long been a popular excursion destination. Visitors come here because of the lake, in which bathing is possible in summer, because of the pleasant climate created by the mixing of Mediterranean and Alpine air currents, and because of the extensive forests that cover the greater part of the plateau. The learning trail, which runs round the edge of the village at an elevation of around 800 m above sea level, offers an undemanding hike through forests and hay meadows, along cart tracks, forest trails and meadow paths, and an opportunity to discover the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the area.