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Šmarna Gora – Combination: Route via Spodnja Kuhinja + Path of Freedom + Ascent from the Turk’s Shrine

For explorers: Šmarna Gora combination


  • Distance 1456m

  • Duration 1:50h

  • Ascent 366m

  • Hight 669m

Šmarna Gora, Ljubljana’s highest (and most popular) hill, is criss-crossed by numerous hiking trails. There are so many of them that sooner or later they meet others, either crossing them or joining them. This means that even regular visitors can take a slightly different route up the hill each time, following different paths. This is particularly welcome on fine weekends when Gora (“the Mountain”), as locals call it, can get very busy. Understandably. . . The summit of Šmarna Gora offers wonderful views and also a traditional restaurant or gostilna with excellent Slovene cooking. This is certainly one place that is well worth the climb!