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Šmarna Gora via Pot čez Peske

To Ljubljana’s favourite viewpoint via one of the oldest routes


  • Distance 2117m

  • Duration 1:30h

  • Ascent 305m

  • Hight 669m

Šmarna Gora, Ljubljana’s highest (and most popular) hill, is criss-crossed by numerous hiking trails. Among the oldest of them is the pleasant and varied Pot čez Peske (literally: path over the sands), which is never too steep or exposed and one of the few routes easily passable along its entire length even after heavy rain. When you reach the summit of Šmarna Gora, crowned by its picturesque church, take the time to enjoy the wonderful views it offers, especially in fine weather. Treat yourself to lunch or a snack in the hilltop gostilna, famous for its good Slovene cooking. This is certainly one place that is well worth the climb!