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Tošč (1021 m)

Tosc 2

© Mateja Gruden

To the “roof” of the Polhov Gradec Dolomites


  • Distance 5912m

  • Duration 1:50h

  • Ascent 631m

  • Hight 1021m

The highest of all, which is what makes it attractive. Because it is never completely bare and remains wrapped in a blanket of forest, it is not the summit that offers the most spectacular views – although it would be wrong to accuse it of lacking views altogether: the Alps may be hidden behind the trees, but it nevertheless offers a fine view of the hills surrounding the Barje wetland (aka the Ljubljana Marshes) and on towards the Notranjska region. Not only that, but the route is a varied one that is constantly changing: growing broader and narrower, passing over terrain that is now soft and now rocky, now climbing steeply and now descending.