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Zasavska Sveta gora (852 m)

From Vače to a famous pilgrimage church


  • Distance 5300m

  • Duration 4:00h

  • Ascent 329m

  • Hight 852m

“Sveta Gora between the valleys of the Sava and the Medija is without a doubt the most picturesque summit in the Zasavje region. The church stands like a citadel above its circling wall, atop cliffs dressed in green and scored with white. . .” These words were written by Rudolf Badjura, a legendary writer of mountain guides, in his description of Zasavska Sveta Gora, or Sveta Gora above Litija, as it is also known. Meanwhile J. W. Valvasor wrote of it that it was very famous because of the miracles that happen on pilgrimages there. Zasavska Sveta Gora is also a very popular hiking destination, where hikers are rewarded by the astonishing view of the walled church on its hill.