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Little Barje Circuit

Druzinsko kolesarjenje barje Ales Fevzer 1

© Aleš Fevžer

An excursion into unique natural and historical heritage


  • Distance 46500m

  • Duration 7:00h

  • Ascent 280m

  • Hight 324m

The Little Barje Circuit is a tour around the Ljubljansko Barje Nature Park, a unique landscape on the doorstep of Slovenia’s capital city consisting of marshland and peat bogs that is well known as the home to numerous rare plants and animals. In prehistoric times, the greater part of the area was covered by a shallow lake, on which communities of pile-dwellers lived. Their legacy, well preserved in the humid soil, is today included on UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage. The most important find is the oldest wooden wheel in the world, which was made before 3000 BC.