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Ljubljana–Zbilje Lake

Labodi Zbilje 2006 Dunja Wedam

© Dunja Wedam

A pleasant oasis not far from Ljubljana


  • Distance 18000m

  • Duration 3:00h

  • Ascent 130m

  • Hight 350m

Zbilje Lake is just a few kilometres from Ljubljana, close to the village of Zbilje and around four kilometres from Medvode. The lake is a popular excursion destination for locals and Ljubljana residents alike and a good place to soak up some sun, either on a day out or simply during a quick chat over a coffee. The man-made lake was created in 1953 by damming the river Sava. As well as being an attractive tourist destination, the lake is an important habitat for many species of birds, first among them the swans, who are permanent residents on the lake and well accustomed to visitors. Zbilje Lake offers plentiful opportunities for recreation and relaxation.