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In Ljubljana it could almost be a slogan: All roads lead to the castle! Visitors to Ljubljana enjoy every moment of the picturesque walk up the Castle Hill, which ends with the most spectacular view of Ljubljana from the top of the castle tower, at an elevation of 400 m above sea level.

torta stolp foto Peter Irman

In the very heart of Ljubljana, just a stone’s throw from the bustle of the city centre, a medieval fortress perches atop a hill. Ljubljana Castle: an instantly recognisable symbol of the city that throughout the year offers countless adventures, exhibitions and cultural events within the shelter of its medieval walls, or invites us to dive into the rich history of the city. Outside the castle walls, a new world opens: in the shade of spreading trees you can discover the many architectural and historical monuments on Castle Hill and enjoy unique views that have long inspired artists, including the great architect Jože Plečnik, who in the 1930s converted a former bastion into a popular promenade known as Šance (from Schanze, a German term for a fortification of this type). The area has recently undergone a full renovation (completed in 2018).

Castles have traditionally afforded the best viewpoints and Ljubljana Castle is no exception. But the path up to Ljubljana Castle does not only lead you to the best view, it is also a route to wonderful food and wine experiences in the castle itself. And what better way to embellish – or rather sweeten – such an experience than with Ljubljana’s most castle-like treat, the Tower Cake? Another castle-related experience in which the cultural and the culinary come together for a “KulKul moment”.

In 2015 the master pastry chefs of the Kaval group created the Tower Cake, named after Ljubljana Castle’s own tower, to commemorate the centenary of the City of Ljubljana’s purchase of the castle from Austro-Hungarian state in 1905. Their masterful confection offers a sweet gastronomic experience of Ljubljana in which sponge, cinnamon cream and a dash of Dolenjski sadjevec (GI) fruit spirit are combined with seasonal apples from Ljubljana’s orchards.

What will you see from the castle tower?


After visiting Ljubljana Castle and its tower, from where you can enjoy the best view of Ljubljana, treat yourself to a legendary castle treat: the Tower Cake. You can get the Tower Cake here: