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Immerse yourselves into the culture of Ljubljana by attending guided experience tours. The offer is diverse, from the Moustache Tour, which takes you to the world of cultural giants, to trips into history of the castles in Ljubljana and its surrounding areas.

brko tura

The Moustache Tour will reveal why it is so important for men to wear moustaches. The architect Jože Plečnik, the writer Ivan Cankar and the painter Rihard Jakopič all wore them. You embark on this tour on bikes.

Get to know the legacy of Jože Plečnik

Jože Plečnik (1872–1957), one of the pioneers of modern architecture, has made his mark on Ljubljana in the same way as Antoni Gaudí made on Barcelona. You can visit his works in the centre of the city on a guided tour, and you can also go on a more detailed research on bikes accompanied by our guides.

Visit the castles and travel into history

Today, castles throughout Slovenia are mostly homes to museums. If you really want to dive into the history of the Ljubljana Castle, we recommend you join the Time Machine (Časovni stroj) and Behind Bars (Izza grajskih rešetk) tour, which are guided by actors in historical costumes.

Unforgettable experiences are also available in the form of trips outside Ljubljana. Take a look at the extraordinary collection of the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra near Vrhniki. At the Bogenšperk Castle near Litija, you can also get to know the power of medicinal herbs and apitherapy. On a trip to Polhov Gradec, Count Blagaj will invite you to tea, and then you can go for a culinary exploration of the surrounding area.