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Together with the fairy-tale scenery of the city, created by the festive lights and decorations, December events provide a wonderful overture to the magical winter months in Ljubljana.

A black and white photo of a man leaning over the table. Architectural plans on it.

Universum Plečnik: Between Workshop and Myth (24 November to 21 May 2023)

In 1921, after decades of work abroad, Jože Plečnik returned to his native Ljubljana. At that time, the internationally known architect and a professor at the newly founded university began building a distinctive architectural, artistic and ethical world, which grew into a very special architectural phenomenon over the decades.

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3 praznicni sejem

Christmas Fair (25 November to 8 January 2023)

Between November 25 and January 8, the most famous holiday fair in Ljubljana will take place in various locations around the city, offering plenty of opportunities to learn about the varied Christmas events.

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Red and blue christmas lights on Christmas tree installations.

Christmas Lights Walk (29 November to 8 January 2023)

An evening walk among the lights is a very special experience, hosted in the Volčji Potok Arboretum. The walk between the lights is designed as a one-way path, several kilometers long.

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LGBT Film Festival (10 to 17 December)

The festival was first organized in 1984 as part of the Magnus Festival. It is the oldest LGBT film festival in Europe and at the same time the oldest international film festival in Slovenia. 

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Open Air Concerts (15 December to 1 January)

The concert program in Novi trg, Kongresni trg, Stari trg and Pogačarjev trg Squares will lift your Christmas spirit even more. 

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Dedek Mraz Dunja Wedam

Grandpa Frost Processions (26 to 30 December)

A few days before New Year, Grandpa Frost, the Slovenian counterpart of Santa Claus, will arrive in Ljubljana from the Far North. 

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Ana Mraz Andrej Tarfila

Ana Frost (26 to 30 December)

Gornji trg will be the scene of lively and colourful street theatre performances.

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