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Apart from creations by the architect Jože Plečnik, it was the Baroque that contributed most significantly to the architectural appearance of the present Ljubljana.

Detajl Robbovega vodnjaka. V ozadju stolna cerkev.

Numerous old city centre buildings are adorned with Baroque façades, staircases and inner courtyards. Most of the city's famous churches were built or - in the aftermath of the earthquake of 1511 - rebuilt in the Baroque style.

A jewel in the crown of the city's Baroque art is the work of the Venetian-born sculptor Francesco Robba, whose famous Fountain of Three Carniolan Rivers stands in front of the Town Hall, one of Ljubljana's most distinctly Baroque buildings.

Churches and castles built or rebuilt in the Baroque style are also an important feature in the character of numerous towns and villages in Ljubljana's surrounding areas.