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Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia are not known only for their natural particularities but also for their botanic gardens and parks.


The most famous is the Volčji Potok Arboretum, which prides itself upon 3,500 species of trees, flowers and other plants. Equally renowned is the Ljubljana Botanic Garden, which on its small surface hosts around 4,500 vegetal species. It was established in 1810 and is among the oldest still active botanic gardens in Europe.

Ljubljana is embellished by well maintained parks. The largest and the most beautiful is the Tivoli Park, which stretches to the very city centre. It is distinguished by its properly maintained paths, open air exhibition grounds displaying attractive large format photographs, a pond, numerous statues and fountains. The Prešeren Roses, the first Slovenian rose species, are planted in the park.

The Tivoli Park originates from the two parks, which were surrounding the Podturn and Cekin Mansions. Gardens surrounding castles and other picturesque gardens were far more common in the past than nowadays, when they are often abandoned. Some of them, like the Napoleon Avenue of linden trees near Logatec, have become one with the new environment.