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The European Women's Handball Championship (Women's EHF EURO 2022) is the biggest sports event in Slovenia in 2022 and the biggest international women's sports event in our country so far. Fans of women's handball and handball in general will be able to watch the event in the Stožice hall in Ljubljana and the Zlatorog hall in Celje from November 4 to 20, 2022 (the group part will also take place in Skopje and Podgorica).

The focus of the event will not only be on sport, but also on the empowerment of women in sport and society while special attention will be paid to sustainability.

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    Ticket Bookings and Games

    Tickets and information about matches in Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia.

  • EHF LJUBLJANA Foto Play With Heart

    The History of Slovenian Handball

    When did small handball in Slovenia come to life? Did you know there is another one? What are the big names and successes of Slovenian handball? All about it in its history.

  • Opolnomocenje zensk prikazna semafor

    Women Empowerment

    Hear the echoing sound of the EC anthem in women's handball and learn about the role of women's empowerment in terms of the event.

  • Trajnostne prakse v Ljubljani

    Sustainable Championship

    The fact that the EC for women in handball takes place in Ljubljana this year is not the only reason for the extraordinary enthusiasm ruling over this event. A large part of the euphoria also has to do with the fact that all activities within the championship take place with a sustainable note.