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We invite you to support the European Basketball Championship in a sustainable way. Only by doing so we can collectively create an environmentally friendly and long-lasting sports experience, contribute to the preservation of our natural heritage, and promote responsible practices. Let's create a championship that will inspire while preserving our beautiful surroundings together.

Our efforts will also be guided by the championship ambassadors, 12 successful businesswomen, who will promote transportation choices, ecological farming, digitalization, and other aspects of sustainability, adding a green touch to the championship.

Woman on a bicycle. Houses in the square in the background.

Green Transportation

It is excellent to show some sporting spirit but it is even better to do it in a sustainable style. You can contribute to this by choosing to walk or cycle to the Stožice Arena, and if that's not possible, we invite you to take advantage of the LPP buses or carpooling with fellow passengers.

You'll be amazed at how many people are traveling to the same or nearby destinations!

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Green sneakers.

Green Tips for Quality Time During the Championship

How to spend the championship in handball as sustainably as possible? You can do a lot just by choosing a means of transport. And much more in other ways.

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Zelena Ljubljana Dunja Wedam 3

Sustainable Tourism in Ljubljana

Do you want to know why Ljubljana is also called the city with a green soul? Why is it one of the world's leading sustainable destinations? And how does it affect you?

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Grad Tivoli foto Matevz Paternoster MGLC

The most Famous Gardens and Parks in Ljubljana and the Region

The European Championship will be tense, lively and loud. Visiting one of the parks and gardens in Ljubljana and its surroundings is a great sustainable way to enjoy nature, which offers plenty of activities. Sit on a bench and rest your thoughts, enjoy the pleasant chirping of birds or go on a light trek.

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kolesarja iztok medja vir STO

Cycling Routes around Ljubljana

Ljubljana and the Central Slovenian region are criss-crossed with wonderful cycling routes where you can combine the pleasant with the useful: do something healthy for your body and enjoy Slovenian beauty.

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gozdna pot mateja gruden

Hiking Trails in Ljubljana

If you don't feel like cycling and prefer to stick to the ground, you can choose from a number of hiking trails of various difficulty levels. Don't worry, all of them will take you to extraordinary views.

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