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The village of Borovnica lies on the south-western edge of Ljubljana Marshes, in the narrow valley of the Borovniščica brook.


It is well known for its fields of American blueberries, but the fruit has nothing to do with the origin of the village's name, which means "blueberry" in Slovenian.

Borovnica is centred around the Parish Church of St. Margaret. In the past, the village's major attraction was a railway viaduct built in 1850. Measuring 511 metres long and 38 metres high, it was one of Europe's largest railway viaducts of the time. In 1944 it was destroyed. Its only remnant is a column standing in the middle of the village, which has been protected as a monument.

Immediately behind the village, karst landforms such as sinkholes, underground caves and waterfalls begin to dominate the landscape. Borovnica's mostly mountainous surrounding area is crossed by hiking routes, several suitable for mountain biking. The locals' favoured pastimes include adrenaline-pumping hang-gliding and paragliding from one of the nearby hills.