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Dol pri Ljubljani is a village located by the confluence of three rivers: the Sava, the Kamniška Bistrica and the Ljubljanica.

sotocje treh reh arhiv obcine dobre polje

In the past, its area was closely connected with the Sava river, a major travel and trade route before the introduction of the railway.

In the 19th century, Dol pri Ljubljani was renowned across Europe for a manor built in 1540, which stood in the middle of a vast park next to the village. In 1815, the manor passed into the hands of the cultural historian, antique collector and arts patron Jožef Kalasanc Erberg and became a meeting place for Ljubljana's high society. In 1821, during the time of the Congress of the Holy Alliance, Emperor Franz I of Austria paid a visit to the manor to see Erberg, his former tutor.

The wider Dol pri Ljubljani area is surrounded by hiking and cycle routes running past a string of welcoming farms selling their produce.