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Small city of Horjul lies in the Horjul valley in the picturesque natural environment. Some assume the name derives from the Roman times and is in some way connected with Julius Caesar.

Horjul panorama

The city itself used to be mostly oriented towards agriculture and forestry, but has lately developed considerably and is loosing its countryside character.

The church of sv. Marjeta (Church of St. Margaret) with paintings by Janez Šubic, cemetery designed by Jože Plečnik with a Pieta relief by Franc Kralj from 1923 can be visited in Horjul. Horjul is especially recommended to friends of recreation. In the city a well equipped sport centre has been operating for years.

The surrounding of Horjul with many hiking routes and tourist farms is convenient for excursions. The most popular hiking routes lead to the hills Kožljek (788 m) and Koreno (729 m).