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The small town of Ivančna Gorica lies in the middle of the Dolenjska region's distinctively hilly landscape, halfway between Ljubljana and Novo mesto.


Its development was mainly due to good transport connections. The town assumed its present appearance and name relatively late, after World War II. Its area, however, has been settled since prehistory.

The remains of the town's past notably include a Roman milestone standing in the centre of Ivančna Gorica, which is being used as a symbol on the municipal coat of arms.

Ivančna Gorica's surrounding area has several historical and natural sights. Particularly interesting is the medieval Stična monastery, which is still inhabited by monks of Cistercian order. Other remarkable sights in the vicinity of the town include the village of Muljava with the birth house of Josip Jurčič, the author of the first Slovenian novel, the small town of Višnja gora with numerous well-preserved medieval buildings, and the Krška jama cave, where the river Krka has its source.